BBD Token Overview

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Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD) launches their cryptocurrency futures trading platform at the end of July 2018. Once the exchange goes live it will be possible to purchase BBD tokens solely on the BBOD platform.

Below we present basic information about BBD token and a few advantages you can expect from participating in the purchase of BBD tokens.

What is BBD token address and total supply?

Contract #: 0xb79fc5505ea4f3b920ee7e3349de064226692717
Total Supply: 117,282,569.45

What are BBD Tokens?

BBD is a coin, issued by BBOD, that will run exclusively on Ethereum Blockchain Platform along with other ERC-20 tokens. BBD token is the native currency of the BBOD trading platform. Just like BNB coin by Binance, when you use BBD to trade on BBOD, you save a considerable amount of money in the trading fees or in some cases you pay zero fees. The details will be announced in mid of July.

How / Where can I buy BBD Tokens?

You can directly buy BBD tokens only at BBOD: in July. Please be aware of scams. The real BBD tokens are not traded anywhere except of BBOD Cryptocurrency Trading Platform: To buy BBD, you should deposit Ether on BBOD and exchange Ether to BBD.

Exchange Token Price Potential

Based on analysis of the key metrics of other exchange tokens, shown in the following table, it can be seen that BBD could potentially trade at much higher prices than when tokens are initially offered to customers on the platform. For instance, Binance (BNB) coin has increased by an outrageous 12 243% since it was launched, an opportunity that most individuals missed. Even on the lower end of the spectrum, BridgeCoin (BCO) and KuCoin Shares (KCS) have still provided excellent returns for those who got on board when the exchange opened. BBOD could be the next big opportunity, it is the first token to ever be created by a decentralised trading platform with leverage that allows users to control the custody of their own funds. Be sure not to miss out!


Price performance of the exchange tokens as of 14 June 2018:


BBD Token benefits

BBD owning tokens offers multiple benefits for investors and traders.

Traders may use BBD to pay for trading fees and they can expect up to 20% discount on taker fees. This allows for incredibly cheap transactions as a result of the standard rate fees being low themselves. The total discount received for utilising BBD tokens to pay for trading fees is dependant on the cumulative trading volume over a 30 day period, ranging from 7.5–20%. The more you use the platform the greater the discount. Additionally, unlike on any of trading platform, makers will always receive a rebate for their part in the transaction!

Investors may see great potential of increase in price of BBD token. Please bear in mind that BBD token is the first ever token issued by cryptocurrency trading platform that allows to trade futures contracts with leverage. When you think about CME or CBOE, you may see what can be a potential market capitalisation of BBD token in the future.

As you can see, with a great potential for a price increase and excellent trading fee discounts for utilising the token on the platform, the BBD token is a great opportunity for those who believe in the project long-term or are looking to get the most out of the BBOD trading platform. Be sure to purchase these tokens whilst they are still cheap!