Blockchain Board of Derivatives

BBOD ‘Blockchain Board of Derivatives’ is a non-custodial trading platform that offers cryptocurrency futures contracts.

After succesfull Initial Coin Offering, traders around the globe now have access to the world’s first hybrid cryptocurrency trading platform, which launched Friday, 3 August in partnership with GMEX Fusion technology. 

BBOD is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform for professional and retail investors where you can speculate on the future values of digital currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple. It provides a fantastic means to turn bear markets (or bullish) into a profitable trading opportunity. 

BBOD is a hybrid trading platform. This means that the trading system (order matching, risk checking) is fast and centralized but BBOD is non-custodial trading platform, thus does not hold users’ coins. Users deposit coins directly into smart contract.

Our mission is to help advance the cryptocurrency industry by fostering innovation, education and driving transformative change in every corner of the world.

The platform offers highly leveraged futures and perpetual contracts. Thus, you can make more profit than at standard exchanges, like Binance or Huobi. Additionally, users may exchange BBD to Ethereum and vice versa. BBD tokens allow BBOD traders to pay their transaction fees at a discounted rate.

BBOD accepts deposits in Ethereum and BBD. All profits and losses are calculated and settled in Ether. BBOD does not handle fiat currency.

BBOD cryptocurrency trading platform will be launched in August. Stay tuned and follow us at our social media:

What Makes BBOD Different...

The most secure trading platform – Did you know that when you deposit coins to exchanges (eg. Binance, BitFlyer, Huobi, Kraken), they land directly into a wallet or wallets controlled by the exchange owners? The owners holds private keys (passwords) to the wallets where your coins are stored. BBOD is different. We developed a proprietary smart contract wallet system. BBOD gives its users possibility to create smart contract wallet designated for trading on BBOD and nobody except the client has control over it. BBOD reserves the limited right to settle clients’ trades daily via the system of smart contracts, that handles the flow of capital (eg. profit and losses from trading). At BBOD, security will always be a top priority in every decision we make.

Low latency, scalable trading engine – Our custom trading engine was designed to be scalable and to ensure that orders are executed in real time. It can handle upwards of 1,250,000 messages per second with latency of less than 25 microseconds. The trading engine was built on one of the first ultra-low latency platforms that utilised leading-edge Java techniques to reduce legacy constraints. This enabled it to operate based on open source technology, resulting in much lower running costs. Even in some of the most volatile global markets, this technology has proven to be robust, reliable and stable. Additionally, it incorporates the highest standard of controls and risk management due to its highly regulated background.

Commitment to cryptocurrency education around the world – BBOD is a community-managed trading platform developed and managed by international community teams located in Cambridge, Singapour, Mumbai, Seoul, Hồ Chí Minh, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Saint Petersburg, Lagos. Our mission is to demystify derivatives trading and to educate every token holder on how to protect their wallet’s value against cutthroat price volatility.


BBOD offers two types of trading accounts. The margin account is used trade leveraged products with up to 50x leverage on some of its products. The cash account is used to exchange Ethereum-BBD.

Additionally, the cash account is used to deposit coins to your dedicated smart contract, withdraw coins from your smart contract at BBOD and finally transfer coins from cash account to margin account.


At BBOD you can trade the following margined products:

  • Ethereum-Dollar Perpetual Contract
  • Ethereum-Dollar Futures
  • Bitcoin-Ethereum Futures
  • Ripple-Ethereum Futures

Futures Contract: futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell a base currency (eg. Ethereum) at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future (at expiry date). The price can be below or above the current spot price, which depends mainly on users’ expectation of what the price will be at the expiry date.

Perpetual Contract: perpetual contract is a hybrid of spot and futures trading. On one hand, the price of the contract pegs to the spot price for reference and the contract does not expire like on a spot exchange, but on the other hand, you can use leverage to make more profits as you can trade like a regular futures contract.

High leverage on a product means that, for instance, you can buy as much as 50 Ethereum worth of contracts with only 1 Ethereum in your margin account.

BBOD employs a real-time margining system that calculates the mark prices, margins, and PnL multiple times per second. If your portfolio value falls below the maintenance margin, your position will be liquidated (or terminated if liquidation is not possible).

BBOD employs auto-termination if liquidation is not possible. In extremely rare cases, leveraged positions in profit may be liquidated.

BBOD uses an insurance fund to avoid auto-terminations in traders’ positions. The insurance fund increases in size from liquidations that were previously able to be executed in the order book at a price which is better than the termination price of that particular position. The increase of the fund allows BBOD to reduce future occurrences of terminations by lowering the termination threshold.

Navigation Tabs at BBOD

Trade: This tab helps you navigate back to the main page of the trading platform.
Fund: This is where you’ll find your wallet. The information presented here includes account balances as well as deposit and withdrawal information.
Accoun: This tab displays all of your personal account information concerning profile settings, preferences, affiliates, API and transaction history.
Product: This is an important tab for getting information about products BBOD offer. You will find guidebooks for each product along with a detailed specification of contracts and indices.
Reference: This is BBOD’s library. You will find all of the documents that explain the mechanics of trading at BBOD, including Trading Platform-Specific Rules.
Suppor: If you have a question to ask BBOD, we are more than happy to help.

Other Crypto Derivatives Trading Platforms

BBOD offers significant advantages over other crypto derivatives trading platforms. It is positioned in a segment of the cryptocurrency trading platform that allows deposit/withdraw only crypto. Contracts are settled in crypto and email is sufficient to register. Additionally, BBOD offers full range of trading products including : futures and perpetual contracts as well as fully facilitates spot exchange of ERC-20 tokens.

Name ID Verification Custody Type Deposit Currency Max. Leverage Token Type of contracts
BBOD No Decentralized ETH 50x Yes, BBD Futures, Perpetual, Spot
Bitmex No Centralized BTC 100x No Futures, Perpetual
Deribit No Centralized BTC 50x No Futures, Options
Cryptofacilities Yes Centralized BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC 50x No Futures
Bitfinex No Centralized Multiple 3.33x No Spot, Margined Spot

BBOD vs Other Centralized Crypto Exchanges

Name Trading Instruments Custody Type Leverage Trading Max. Leverage
BBOD Futures and Perpetual contracts Decentralized Yes 50x
Binance Spot Exchange Centralized No 1x

When a traders buys ETH vs USDT on Binance, they physically receive Ether and deliver USDT to the other party. At BBOD, when a trader buys ETH vs USD futures contract, it is settled in Ether by receiving or delivering the difference between the open and close price multiplied by number of contracts. The other difference is the use of leverage. At BBOD a trader can sell/buy as much as 50 Ethereum worth contracts holding only 1 Ethereum. At Binance a trader cannot use leverage to make more profits or loss. Additionally, at BBOD you can make profits when the price of Ethereum either goes up or go down by buying or selling a contract . At Binance, it is not directly possible.